Title Insurance

Beyond providing assistance with the title process to our residential and commercial clients, Bradley Moreau Title also provides title insurance to protect you against the risks that come with title ownership. There are many title issues, such as errors in the title and real estate property or mortgage liens that could cause you to lose your property or your mortgage investment. Even the most careful search of the public records may not disclose all the issues and hidden risks that affect your ownership. Our attorneys are experienced and trained to make sure we provide our expertise to not only assist you in purchasing the property you want, but also make sure you stay protected throughout the process and thereafter. Bradley Moreau’s agents are approved by the three largest title insurance companies in the nation and can assist you and your lender with your title insurance needs.

We offer title insurance services through every parish in Louisiana including, but not limited to, Acadia, Lafayette, Iberia, Vermillion, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Landry, Evangeline, Jefferson Davis, and Calcasieu parishes.

Contact us today and let us help you minimize the related risks to your property and mortgage.


What is title insurance and who needs it?

Title insurance offers protection from several risks that can arise in a real estate transaction. These risks can cause problems throughout the closing process for the buyer and their lender and include clerical errors, forgery or fraud, incapacity, lack of legal access, missing links in the chain of title, unknown heirs due to succession, surveyor errors, and more. Title insurance protects you and your lender’s investment in the property, even after closing. It is a one-time fee that can be included in your closing costs and helps to cover legal costs in the event of a challenge to your title.


There are two types of title insurance policies. Lender’s title insurance will be required in most transactions, which protects your lender and their company up to the amount of the loan. Once the loan is paid off, the lender’s policy will terminate. Owner’s title insurance protects the buyer/new owner against title defects described above for as long as they own the property. This type of policy can be purchased at the same time as your lender’s policy, which can also save you money. These policies help to defend you and your lender against unexpected legal challenges that can threaten your ownership.

How much does title insurance cost and how often do I make payments?

The cost of title insurance varies depending on the sale price of the property being sold. It is a one-time fee that can be included with your closing costs to protect your investment. It is one of the only insurance-type policies that protects you from issues that date BEFORE the transaction.

Can I purchase title insurance after my closing?

Yes, but we highly suggest that you purchase the owner’s policy when you purchase your lender’s policy. Bundling them both together during your initial transaction can also help to save you money and gives you peace of mind after closing. If you do decide to purchase later, errors to the title that occur after closing may not be covered by your title insurance policy.